Story Marketing — Why it matters!

by | Aug 19, 2022

Stories in all their forms have the power to truly inspire us. We understand the world through narrative, connecting the dots in our own lives to create plots we can understand and explain. Story marketing taps into that narrative, connecting your targeted audience on an emotional level in order to help them understand the problems your business solves on a deeper level.

Story Marketing — Why it matters!

Story marketing is essential because it gives your customers an understanding of who you are and your core values. When customers feel as though they know your brand, they will be more likely to trust you with their business — and who wouldn’t want that?!

When done right, story marketing can be one of the most effective ways for your business to capture your audience’s attention and deliver marketing messages!

Tell Your Business’s Origin Story

Every business has a story about how it came to be. We all know how Apple started in a garage and how Facebook was developed in a dorm room, stories like this capture an audience’s attention and stick in their memories.

It is also your differentiator, what sets you apart from the competition! We all want to stand out and make ourselves unique, right? In such a hypercompetitive marketplace, a compelling story gives customers a reason to choose your business above all the others. 

Whether it be a video, photograph, or even a personally written article, the opportunities are endless. If you’re thinking about taking a video, you could dedicate just a few short minutes to the founder of the business to explain how it came to be. Not only are you putting a face to the business, but you’re also sharing the founder’s experience.

This is an essential part of story marketing — sharing our experiences with others.

If you’re not able to get in front of the camera — don’t worry, plenty of people are also camera shy — try finding photographs that represent the business’s start! They show an enormous amount of who you are as a business.

Be sure your story feels personal, honest, and authentic. Defining and telling your business’s story can be a complex task, but it will evolve over time as your business grows.

Share Customer Experiences 

What better way to share your story with customers than by sharing their experiences with your business? None! Customers’ real-world experiences of how your product or services benefitted them are a key to gathering feedback, extending your brand’s reach, and showcasing the results of your work for everyone to see.

It can be gathered through a phone interview, social media, or maybe through a survey after they have made a purchase. Either way, that information can positively influence your story, marketing efforts, and overall business.

A remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of any business. And if potential new customers may be thinking about coming to your business, then seeing, reading, or hearing about a loyal customer’s experience might be just the thing to encourage their trust in your business services or products.

Don’t forget to promote and share your story on every platform you use! Like any piece of marketing content, creating it is only half the battle. The more places you share your story, the more engagement you can expect from your audience.

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