The ‘Death’ Of Print Marketing

Do you remember in 2010 and 2011 when print was out and e-books were all the rage? Everyone was writing an e-book or buying them. The Kindle was seemingly taking over the world. I remember reading an article that stated that these digital replicas were going to replace the physical book … I laughed. Today, the e-book is a distant third in the book category. People prefer physical books first and then audiobooks. What happened? Why didn’t e-books take over the world as advertised?


New Book, Same Old Story

radioIf you haven’t noticed the trend here, any time some new media makes its way into the world and starts to gain traction, someone in marketing starts talking about the death of the old media, even though it’s still a much larger industry than the new media. This has been going on for hundreds of years. For example, look at TV and radio. TV was going to kill the radio back in the ‘40s and ‘50s. I’m not sure who predicted that, but since I listen to the radio on my drive to work, I feel like they may have been wrong.

In 1922, they thought radio would kill the print newspaper, but that’s also been proven false. The internet hasn’t even killed the newspaper or the yellow pages. Media rarely dies — and when it does, it’s typically because of government regulation, not another media. The hype claiming that one type of media is the best ever and will make you rich is just that:  hype. E-books didn’t kill real books, Facebook hasn’t killed a single type of media (neither has Instagram), and Snapchat is just trying to stay in business.

But that’s enough about death. Let’s talk about life and what is working for businesses right now.

Think Off-Screen

The old catalog business is growing and working, and you know who they’re targeting with these catalogs? Millennials. They love ‘em. In fact, many online-only retailers are now adding catalogs to their marketing arsenal. Could you use a catalog to sell more? Even if you only have services, could you advertise them all in one place once or twice a year? I’ve seen it done and know it works.

Do you know what else is crushing it right now? Anything live and in person. In the physical therapy world, using social media combined with internal patient lists to drive people to in-office demonstrations is growing many independent PT practices. Using online and offline marketing to sell an event isn’t new.

Demonstrating that your product or service works and that you’re knowledgeable is a tried and true tactic for driving more business, but it wasn’t typically done in the PT world until recently. I’ve seen it used in the law and chiropractic fields, as well, with really good results. Could you use in-person demonstrations or trainings?

It’s A Live (Event)

liveOne of my big pushes for 2019 has been just that: live trainings and events. Our Bootcamps and Masterminds have been wildly successful, and I recommend you consider offering these in-person gatherings, as well. I’m not suggesting that events are easy to pull off or even that it’s easy to get butts into seats. But they work. All you have to do is crack the code.

I have a friend who flies any client to their office who spends XYZ dollars or more per year with them. They’re paying for the client’s airline ticket and hotel and using this time to build a deeper relationship and upsell and cross-sell the client. This is a one-on-one version of a live event.

Partner Up

partnershipHere’s another marketing tactic that is working really well, even though most people execute it poorly. This strategy is building partnerships. We heavily use this tactic, as do most of my successful friends.

It’s simple, really. Find those who have already gathered your ideal clients and work out a deal that allows you to market to their clients and prospects. We’ve been using this strategy for years, and it has crushed it for our business. I recently expanded the program by adding a budget for it and creating a position to be in charge of it, and low and behold, it is working better than ever.

Everyone can use this partnership strategy. Even if you’re a local business, there is someone who has your customers or who gets to your customers before you do. How can you work with those people? Can the two of you put on an event together and split the costs and the leads?

Back From The Dead 

marketing strategy Do you want a campaign that always kills it? Here’s a strategy that has a 100% success rate. What were you doing in the past that was profitable and worked so well that you simply stopped doing it?

I’m dead serious here. I don’t know a single business owner that doesn’t have a campaign like this. 

Spend 15 minutes brainstorming about your marketing campaigns and looking for the successful ones. Then, find the successful ones you’ve stopped doing and ask, “Why aren’t we doing these anymore?” You will find an easy win.

A Call Worth Making

phoneYou know what else is crushing it — I mean seriously crushing it? The phones. Getting a prospect on the phone for a sales call or appointment can have a profound impact on profits. Years ago, I was given this advice, and it changed my life. I’m telling you right now that if you aren’t monitoring your phones and using them to generate new business, you are potentially leaving millions on the table.

If you’re not spending time with prospects and customers, engaging them and nurturing them, and hitting them up in the real world, you are missing out big time. Sales will soar by simply adding a real-world component to your marketing — the more the better. 


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