OUTRAGEOUS Campaigns That Deliver

Developing and deploying the right marketing strategy is one of the most significant roadblocks every entrepreneur faces. Ask any small business owner about their first few years of marketing campaigns, and they will tell you about the creative toll it took on them and their team. It takes work — a lot of work — which is why most small businesses don’t make it past their fifth year. Learning how to find and retain customers is no cake walk, but at the end of the day, finding out what people love about your product and why it matters to them may be the most rewarding — and outrageous — thing you ever do for your company.


But why is customer acquisition so complicated? Well, simply put, it isn’t. That’s exactly what Bill Glazer’s book “OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful” is all about. In it, Glazer highlights three rockstar campaigns designed by some of the top marketers in the country.

Tom Orent ‘The Gems Guy’

GG12 is a business development program for dentists that involves coaching, webinars, retreats, and strategies you can immediately plug into your practice to become outrageously successful. Tom’s “Gems” force dentists out of their comfort zones and into the mindset of a leader with an eye for innovation in their industry. What Tom does with his marketing is no small feat. The specific campaign featured in the book is a five-step email blast designed to drive traffic to his live webinars.

Considering the statistics, it makes sense that Tom’s program works so well. Studies show that 1 in 4 customers subscribes to store or product emails because they believe it will end with them receiving a better deal. But gathering an audience is only half the battle — the other half is keeping them. Find out how Tom gets clients to consistently tune in to his 90-minute webinars without batting an eye.

Dr. Kelly Brown

happy customersCustom Dental is a rapidly growing business that has expanded its operations into multiple states. Their business model centers around running dental practices’ back-end operations so the staffs can focus on doing what they do best. How does Custom Dental do it? Well, it all starts with a campaign designed around a free service. From that free offering come warm leads and hot dollars. The “free” implant that is provided as the service actually results in $2,000 in additional income per new patient! Both parties walk away feeling like they won the campaign, and in many ways, they’re both right.

Shaun Buck

Team ribbon cutting at Newsletter Pro in BoiseOur very own CEO, Shaun Buck, is featured along with one of our foundational lead-generating strategies. If you know anything about our company, you know The Newsletter Pro is all about delivering a “wow.” It’s so crucial to us that it’s one of our company’s core values. Shaun’s “shock and awe package” is broken down to its finest points so that you can take it and immediately plug it into your company. Once companies understand that marketing never really ends, they’re ready to start serving up their own “wow” with their campaign.

Businesses can never have too many strategic tools available to them, and that’s precisely what Bill Glazer’s book provides. With multiple campaigns across a variety of industries, this is one book you won’t want to put down. You can discover all these “outrageous” strategies and more at OutrageousCampaigns.com. 100 percent of the proceeds from this book go directly to helping veterans who have suffered from a stroke. Purchasing this book gives you the opportunity to help more than just your business. Learn more on the Outrageous Campaigns website.

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