This New Year, Make Celebration Your Secret To Success

by | Nov 29, 2022

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time for businesses to slow down, catch a breather, clink some glasses, and reflect on the past year’s successes and flops. (Hopefully, not too many of the latter). Traditionally, it’s a good time to make personal resolutions. You’ve heard them all: lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, stop procrastinating, etc…

This New Year, Make Celebration Your Secret To Success

However, rallying the troops for an old fashioned holiday party and then buckling down to make some serious business resolutions can be invigorating and motivating for the entire team while setting the tone for a fabulous new year both personally and professionally. It just might be your secret to success in the new year.

As you prepare to flip the calendar (so to speak) to a new year, here are some fun and festive ideas to celebrate the season. Get ready to take inventory of your business goals and achievements and move into 2023 with excitement and confidence. 

Clear Vision

While getting your eyes checked or getting new glasses might be one of your personal New Year’s resolutions for having clearer vision, it’s also a great time to take a closer look at your company’s vision. What exactly is your company’s vision or mission statement? Does it still make sense? Is it still conducive to where you want to go? A lot can change in one year (and sometimes drastically) as we all learned from 2020. 

Everyone on the team should be familiar with the company vision statement. It should reflect your company culture as well as your business goals. You can have some fun with your staff while taking a deeper dive into your company’s vision for the new year — and reinforce your company goals by tying it in with your employees’ personal goals. That way everyone, from the CEO to every employee, can be working toward the same goals.

A New Look

A trendy hairdo, a home remodel or even a tummy tuck could be part of a personal new look for you in the new year, but what about your company’s look or brand? Does it need to be freshened up for the new year? Your brand and the overall look of your company is much more than your logo – it’s also your website, marketing marketing materials, and more.

Does your business reflect your company vision and the latest trends in your industry? Maybe your brand colors, website, logo, and overall voice need to be updated. If a plan isn’t made by the 4th quarter going into the new year, then chances are it won’t get done. A fresh look can be a major part of your new year secret to success.

Throw A Contest

The holidays are always an excellent time for special promotions that get your customers excited about your business and/or specific products and services. Many businesses throw customer appreciation parties to show gratitude to their customers. But why not throw a contest to further align with your customers’ needs and expectations? 

If you are rolling into the new year with a new look or slogan – launching a logo, slogan or web page design contest open to your customers is a great way to get customers to interact with your brand and get them excited about your business. Plus, it shows them that you value their opinion. You’ll make friends, have some fun, and continue to build the customer loyalty that is so important to every business.

Lead By Example

Whether you’re the CEO of your company, a team leader, or anything in between, it’s a great time to do a checkup on your role as a leader in your organization. There are many questions you can ask yourself: Does your style of communication need some polishing? Did your company’s purpose and values guide your decisions? Did you inspire others with your leadership? 

As you gather with your work family in the final days of 2022, make sure to propose a toast and thank everyone for a job well done. Share the success stories of everyone on the team as you set goals for the new year. Make some resolutions for yourself and then ask everyone to write three resolutions for themselves on how they can be happier and more productive at work. Next year, on the week before Christmas, take a look and see how everyone did. You might be surprised at how much everyone has grown.

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