Customers like to be catered to as individuals, but that can be a tall order when you have hundreds or even thousands of customers. That’s why list segmentation and targeting can do wonders when it comes to connecting with your customer and raising your bottom line. 

Using FSIs And List Segmentation To Meet Goals

What Is List Segmentation? 

List segmentation is one of the best and easiest ways to create targeted offerings for your print and email marketing campaigns. HubSpot defines list segmentation by breaking up your contact lists into smaller segments. This allows you to send specialized offers to different groups within your audience, and they can be as specific as you want. 

How Should I Segment My List? 

You can segment your list based on geography, purchase history, or any other relevant factors in your industry. However, if you’re just getting started with segmenting your list, you will probably want to start by breaking your list into two categories: 

  • Prospects 
  • Clients
What Is List Segmentation

Within the “clients” segment, consider breaking this category down into two groups: “active” customers and “inactive” customers. What qualifies as an active versus inactive customer may vary depending on your industry and the purchasing patterns within your particular business. 

The Benefits Of Segmenting Your List 

The primary benefit of segmenting your list, of course, is targeting your audience with more relevant offerings. This will result in more clicks, higher engagement, and higher open rates. In fact, segmented email campaigns have been shown to result in 14.31% more opens, 100.95% more clicks, and 4.65% lower bounce rates than non-segmented campaigns. Marketers who used segmented campaigns also saw up to a 760% increase in revenue. That can make a huge difference when it comes to forming lasting, meaningful connections with your audience and providing them with ongoing value. 

The Benefits Of Segmenting Your List 

How To Use Different FSIs For Different Segments

While it’s easier to send promotional materials to different segments through your email list, it can sometimes be harder to reach out to different groups through your newsletter or print mailing materials. That’s where FSIs come in handy. 

An FSI is a “free standing insert” to send targeted deals to your mailing list. At Newsletter Pro, we insert these into newsletters to show a business’s audience relevant promotional materials that aren’t ideal for the regular content of the newsletter. The FSI talks about events, deals, and other targeted deals your different segments might find attractive. You can click the link here to talk to one of our Pros about the power of FSIs and the amazing results we have seen from our own clients who use them. 

So, if you’re investing in print or email campaigns for your business, segmentation is a great way to improve your ROI. Targeting your offers to different groups will help you get the most out of your campaigns and provide more value to your audience.

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