When It Comes To Email Marketing, Subject Lines Matter

by | Dec 6, 2022

Using emails to send birthday invitations isn’t just convenient; it can also be a valuable — and lucrative — marketing tool. Email marketing is an easy way to keep customers up to date with your latest product releases, discounts, or services, but the biggest hurdle businesses face with email marketing is getting those messages opened by the people who receive them. The frequency of your emails being viewed is called an “open rate,” and if you’re looking to boost your score, you should know that your email marketing subject lines make all the difference when it comes to getting your messages read.

Email Marketing Subject Lines

Why Email Marketing Subject Lines Matter

The easiest way to think about your email marketing subject lines is by thinking about them as headlines. When you pick up a newspaper, the headline is probably the first thing you see. It’s also often what determines if you’re interested enough to keep reading. 

A subject line is no different. It’s what compels customers on your mailing list to open and read more — or move on. With 69% of customers reporting that they move emails into the spam folder solely based on the email’s subject line, your marketing emails must have engaging subjects that entice people to view what’s inside.

And if you’re wondering about the importance of getting your emails opened by a wider audience, keep in mind that email marketing makes up 19.8% of all transactions. This is a huge chunk of your sales, and for reference, organic traffic (someone finding your website naturally through a search engine) is only 2% higher at 21.8%. So, if you aren’t utilizing email marketing subject lines to drive traffic or engagement, you’re missing out on profit. If you can get more people to open your emails because of a catchy subject, then you’ll probably get more people to click through and convert. 

Ultimately, your email marketing subject lines matter because they drive sales. They appeal to your audience and make them curious about what your email has to offer. Plus, increases in email open rates lead to more conversions and, eventually, profit. 

How To Write Email Marketing Subject Lines That Work 

So, what’s the trick to writing subject lines that result in higher open rates? It turns out that there are a few elements that distinguish great subject lines from boring ones. Here’s how to make your email marketing subject lines irresistible. 

Make Them Short.

The best rule to follow is to keep your subject text under 60 characters. This is for a few reasons, the first being that subject lines have a character limit, especially on mobile devices. The second reason is that your customers want something quick and easy to digest. The subject line should be interesting, but not too long that people will feel overwhelmed reading it. 

Employ Urgency. 

If customers think an offer is limited and have to act now, they’ll be more likely to open the email and see what the commotion is about. Use language like “click now!” or “this won’t last!” to convey a sense of haste, so customers won’t just view the email and forget about it later. 

Test Your Subject Lines.

By performing a simple experiment, you can see which types of email marketing subject lines are opened more often by your customers. This is called A/B testing, and it’s straightforward to implement. 

All you should do is send out two identical emails with two different subject lines so you can see which is opened more. If your email with a question in the subject line has a low open rate, then you’ll know that strategy probably doesn’t work with your demographic. If subject lines that seem urgent receive higher open rates, then you’ll know that tactic works for you. 

A/B testing also provides opportunities to adjust subject elements, like punctuation or personalization, and see how they perform. You don’t have to do this with every email you send, but testing subject lines every few rounds of emails is a good idea. 

Get Personal And Specific. 

Emails that contain personalized subject lines have a 3% higher chance of being opened. If customers think you’re talking directly to them, then they’ll be more likely to open the email because they believe the content applies to them. Language like “you don’t want to miss this” or “we heard you were looking for this” directly addresses the recipient and tailors the message to their needs. 

This method also works well when paired with specific information, especially numbers. When customers think an email is giving them an inside scoop that only they are privy to, then they’re more inclined to open the email and claim an offer. Instead of saying something like “this offer ends soon!” consider changing your subject line to “you have 3 days to claim this offer!” See the difference? The second subject line makes the reader feel a sense of urgency that this is something no one else has access to. 

Utilizing these elements will help you create a subject line that makes people want to open, read, and click through your emails. With winning email marketing subject lines, your business can enjoy more profits and growth moving forward. 

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