Why Your Company Needs Multiple Email Campaigns

by | Nov 29, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you know email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of reaching your customers — bar none. 

Why Your Company Needs Multiple Email Campaigns

You’ve probably also learned by now that the #1 reason people delete emails (or outright unsubscribe) is because they get too many emails from one sender. You’ve likely hit the unsubscribe button yourself for that exact reason. Or even worse — you could be reported as a scammer. 

The good news is that over 95% of consumers check their email every day. That’s one powerful statistic and all the more reason for you to rethink and consider multiple email campaigns.

So, how do you manage and promote numerous email campaigns that aren’t overkill and still bring the ROI you want and need for your business? We’re talking higher clickthrough rates, increased sales, more solid leads, boosted web traffic, client retention, and better overall engagement with your customers. You can have it all by being mindful of your audience and strategically planning your campaigns to work together and stand alone.

Get Personal

Email marketing starts with a subject line – that’s why knowing your customer is key. Targeting your customers with words and offers that touch on their values and lifestyles is critical if you want them to open your email. 

Personalizing your subject line also builds trust and provides a good opportunity to get creative with your copy. It can be as simple as posing a question or mentioning a hobby or pet. But even if you don’t nail it every time, there’s nothing wrong with following up with another email with a different twist. You can update your subject lines with a sense of urgency or a seasonal message. If your customers don’t open one email, it doesn’t mean they won’t open the next one, which can make all the difference.

Roll With The Punches

While email is one of the most dynamic marketing tools you can use in today’s world, it’s also simple, which makes it very flexible. It’s also a great communication tool for letting your customers know about changes in your business. 

Sometimes situations arise where you have to pivot your strategy on a dime. Everyone experienced this at some level during the pandemic. Maybe your business hours changed suddenly, or you had supply issues. Whatever the case, when your business experiences a major shift, you need to let your customers know as soon as possible. 

You can accomplish this by adding an email campaign to keep your customers in the loop while offering them some extra value or an incentive to stay with you during hiccups. By segmenting your audience with a specific campaign or sending a blanket email to everyone on your list, you can ensure that everyone is up-to-speed on the important details of your business. Email allows you to adapt your message to any situation quickly and efficiently so you can send the right message at the right time to the right people. 

Engage And Re-Engage 

If you’re an entrepreneur who is considering automated email marketing, multiple email campaigns are an absolute no-brainer. You can send out a sequence of emails long after the initial launch of a campaign to welcome new subscribers, send a survey — or offer an additional discount. This is a perfect opportunity to remind shoppers of what they left behind in their carts. Think about your own online shopping habits. How often have you added things to your shopping cart but were a little hesitant or interrupted by kids before hitting the Buy Now button? A simple email reminder can save your sales and then some.

Slowly, But Surely

You’ve heard of a slow drip, right? That’s the idea behind email nurturing, where multiple campaigns are a must. An email nurture campaign is much different than blasting the heck out of your customers with different promotions each week. Instead, you take them by the hand — guide and educate them through each stage of the sales process with an informative email. Eventually, your customers will start to look forward to it. This method helps build trust and value in your product. It differentiates your brand from competitors and spotlights you as a professional in your industry. While the sales process may take a little longer, this is an excellent way to get referrals and earn loyal customers for life.

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