You’ve nurtured your print newsletter list all year long. It’s only natural to ask yourself, “Hey, when’s the payday coming?” Thankfully, now that it’s fall, it’s a better time than ever to harvest your list and close extra sales. Here are a few ways you can grow your print newsletter ROI. 

Grow Your Print Newsletter ROI This Fall

Segment your newsletter list. 

Many small businesses find it tempting to treat all of their customers, prospects, and even referral partners the same way. It can appear more cost-effective, require less content, and give your content more overall exposure. However, it can actually hurt sales to throw them all into the same content bucket. To appear even better than your competitors, your language should adapt to your audience. 

Otherwise, it’s like getting a Hallmark card with no signature from a close friend. “Gee,” you’d think, “I thought I meant more to them than this.” 

The fall season and holidays are the best time to capitalize on segmenting your list. Everyone is looking out for deals. So before harvesting your newsletter list, segment it into different groups that include your past customers, current customers, cold leads, warm leads, and referral partners. Then, create offers in an FSI or postcard that is specifically designed to entice people who are in each of these lists — whether cold leads or current buyers. The more specific, the more likely you will be to close sales. 

Create the best offer of the year — during the slowest sales month.

The best offers are the ones that nobody can ignore. If you can afford it, start your company’s best offer during the slowest month of the year. You’ll attract a lot of extra customer attention, and people will be in a good mood because they’re getting such a great deal. You might even have an easier time getting online reviews and referrals. However, don’t forget to follow up with buyers and ask them for their testimonials directly. If you don’t ask, they’ll forget that you need them.

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Clean out the dusty names off your list. 

You probably don’t need any reminders that every single newsletter has a cost attached. But if you aren’t inspecting your list regularly, it’s possible you’re still leaving a lot of money on the table. If someone hasn’t inquired or purchased from your business in the last 90 days (or up to 6 months and maybe even longer, depending on industry), then it’s time to clean them out. Your money is more effectively spent on other customers, warm prospects, or referral partners. Whatever makes the most economic sense for your company and print campaign, adjust to optimize your list performance.

Add a follow-up call to the process. 

Don’t put a newsletter into your prospects’ mailboxes and then disappear. If prospects are on your print newsletter list, consider adding a follow-up sales call to ask if they’re receiving the newsletter and, if so, what they like about it. It’ll offer a noninvasive touch from your sales team and build more feedback to optimize your newsletter content and performance. 

how to grow your print newsletter roi this fall

Don’t let visitors leave empty-handed. 

Got spare newsletters? If you frequently mail out packages, provide welcome gifts, or have in-office visitors, consider giving them a free print newsletter — especially if they’re not already on your list. Because the gift is based on an interaction with your business, your reader is more likely to flip through your newsletter and get to know you. It’s a simple gesture to build your brand and credibility, and it’s easy to do! You’ve worked this hard to create a stunning newsletter, filled with high-quality, high-value content that resonates with your customers. Turn it into a sales superpower, and grow your print newsletter ROI before 2023.

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