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The Game That Never Ends

What does it take to “win” at business? According to acclaimed author Simon Sinek, if you have to ask that question, then you’re not playing the right game. To paraphrase a common idiom, there are no winners or losers in business — only players. That’s the concept behind Sinek’s 2019 book The Infinite Game, the […]

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Why Your Social Media Pages Fall Flat

I’ve seen this way too many times: While chatting with a friend about social media, they complained about the lack of engagement their content is getting. They went on and on about how they’re posting often, but everything is “pay to play” or the system is rigged, etc. There is some truth to this. The […]

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Inject Your Business With Disney Magic

When it comes to magic, no one is more of an expert than Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Except, perhaps, the brilliant minds that run the multibillion-dollar Walt Disney Company. Disney is a global force in the entertainment industry. It has made game-changing business moves with seemingly magical payoffs, including the purchases of Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and […]

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Meet The World’s First Professional Bridesmaid

How much do you think the average American wedding costs? According to TheKnot.com, data from 27,000 recently married couples reveals that the whole wedding package — which includes the ring, bridesmaid and groomsman attire, catering, and much more — comes out to a whopping $33,900. Considering that hefty price tag, it’s no wonder weddings have […]

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4 Simple Rules For Hiring Successfully

We are in the middle of a hiring Catch-22. A dip in unemployment is a scary prospect, but it also means more qualified employees are now available than before. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic forced more opportunities for remote work, which opens your employee pool to almost anyone. Yet, hiring is anything but easy these days. […]

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