What Family Stories Teach Us About Marketing

by | May 27, 2022

If you’ve been here for a while, you know we love personal storytelling content. At Newsletter Pro, we’ve seen thousands of humble, personal stories produce our most successful and fastest growing campaigns. 

However, those success stories are not our topic today. Instead, let’s talk about how your loved ones’ storytelling skills can inform your own skills — in marketing, and in life. 

Family Stories Build A Legacy — Marketing Does, Too

Memory is composed of stories. If you aren’t considering how you’re writing your company story, then it’s time to consider the legacy you’re creating for your customers … the same way we consider legacy when thinking of our family. 

When you attend a summer barbecue, you might seek out certain people — family or friends — to talk to. Why? Because when those people speak, they captivate their audience  through their humor, intelligence, or respected sensibility. 

In a way, powerful memories and stories create their legacy. When someone is gone, your memories will remind you of what they meant to you, and what they did for you. 

Likewise, your customer retention and referral rates depend on how people remember their experience with your company, so your company needs to have a positive impact on your audience — just like how beloved family members and friends have on you. 

Why Your Company Wants A Legacy

Whether you have a 5-year or 50-year plan for your company, you want to create an impression that your product is a perfect fit for your customer’s busy professional and/or personal life. Storytelling marketing allows you to do that. 

For the same reasons people can imagine themselves in the “Star Wars” universe, your marketing team should answer 3 fundamental questions: To whom are you speaking? What is your current effect on their lives? What stories can you tell your customers to show them exactly what your team does every day? 

A popular way to utilize storytelling in marketing is through current success stories and testimonials. Don’t reuse the same success stories and testimonials over and over again, expecting them to have the same effect the 15th time. What is your company doing now? That’s what customers want to know. A powerful current story is what they’ll remember.

“If people want to know what my company is doing,” you might say, “then why would I share a personal story?” Sharing relevant personal stories actually does highlight how you’re constantly thinking about your customers, company, and ways to improve your product and customer experience. 

Business owners often embody the spirit of their company, which means your perspective will show a customer the human side of your brand. Show who you are, and people will trust the business you’re dedicating your life to. 

For example, many of our clients are estate planning attorneys. Readers tend to be older, and when the business owner’s stories are personal, the clients know their own attorney thinks and feels deeply about their own family. Seeing someone preserve their own family stories, even through print newsletters, can be very encouraging. Legacy is a common concern that brings clients to an estate planning lawyer in the first place.

How do customers remember you? Whether it’s about staying top of mind or creating a real connection with your readers, you’ll be surprised at how effective your family stories can be in your marketing strategy.

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